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Endings are Beginnings 2009 2010

There are many first in life, first word, step, first day of school, first date, first kiss and the list is endless.  The term first implies we may have more to follow.  A beginning is often built on an ending. An ending does not always represent finality.  It can serve as a passageway, another fork in the road of life. So why can endings create a sadness or void?  An ending represents a shifts and we must alter our actions and reactions.  Endings represent change, change represents our growth, and we begin again. Our soul is here to fulfill its contract and in turn we repeat specific lessons to recreate an experience or choice.   We begin again for a more spiritual outcome and this is the time to begin anew.  It is time to embrace your purpose, accept the life you chose and the karmic ties you have chosen to fulfill.

A New Year has begun, and you are the co author of your life.  I urge you to visualize your desires, embrace your uniqueness, and believe you are worthy of all great things and most of all love. Welcome all to 2010 and your spiritual awakening.


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  1. Great way to start the New Year. Looking forward to this year’s challenges, abundances and posts from you. And raadio shows!

    Comment by Luke | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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