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The journey of love…………… 




Remember the first time you fell in love?  Remember the sense of joy and belonging?  When it ended you felt as if you had fallen down a rocky cliff.  Feeling all bruised and emotionally battered.  Then love comes again, offering its warmth and butterfly-like feeling beckoning  you to embrace its splendor.  What is love? Love is one the most powerful emotions and our strongest connection with God, the epitome of unconditional love. What does it mean to TRULY love someone?  

How can we create a heart and mind-set to manifest true love?  

It is possible to love a person as a friend, a family member, a co-worker, but how can true love be attained and maintained in a world where material items are continuously replaced, rather than kept or fixed?  Are matters of the heart so easily replaced?  Are lovers and friends as disposable as our cell phones or laptops?  Have we created an enviroment where love which no longer meets our current life desire or situation is readily disposed?  Are we upgrading our love relationships to fill a possible void within our own sense of self?

We all are born with the ability to love.  We must welcome new love and surrender our myths of societal love.  Relationships are great teachers and they offer us valuable lessons along the journey of love.  Valentines Day offers us the opportunity to embrace our innate ability to love, be loved and raise our level of conciousness and fulfill our life’s destiny and enjoy the most magical romances of all.

Love with your whole heart with no expectations and you will be in awe of the beauty within yourself and the one you choose to love.


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