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Spirit’s Love Message – Spiritually Speaking 2-10-10

It is Love that sustains you.
It is Love which hears you.
It is Love’s arms that warm you.
It is Love that thrills you.
You look to the field and you feel Love’s freedom.
There is Love as you look to the ocean,
It speaks of endless moments of Love’s embrace in the sands of time.
You look to the mirror’s refection to see you, your soul gazing back at you, accepting all.
For Love knows no space and time. It knows no judgement.  It holds no heart it can not have.  
It feels the pain of loss and the joy of Love’s sweet surrender.
You can not mold it, nor shape it or capture it, for it must be free. 
It must be as is, pure in beauty and light.
True Love is one of the soul, the connection.  It gazes beyond exterior beauty, education, race or creed. 
It is the meshing of souls longing for God’s promised connection,
A flame to burn beyond eternity.
For Love is all around.  It is you.  It is I.  It is God.


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  1. Beautiful sentiment. This is very powerful and was a great way to end the show last night. Thanks so much for posting it.

    Can’t wait for next week’s show.

    Comment by Luke | February 11, 2010 | Reply

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