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If you could choose to change….

If you could chage yourself, who would you be.?

If you could change your thoughts, what would they be? 

If you could change your job what would it be?

If you could change your heart how would it be? 

If you could change the world how would it be? 

If you were to know all the answers would you want to know?

Would you change your plans, your beliefs or would you keep them the same?

You search for answer of the questions you pose, yet when the answer is told, you snub your nose. 

Is it not the right response or the one you hope not to hear?

Did the answer shatter a dream or confirm the hidden fear? 

Do you choose to live based on the surface of the world we share?

Do you choose to hear a spirit so near?

Your answers are simple if you allow.  You must open your heart and tune in your ear. 

There is no choice to change nor path to clear. 

You have the world before you, void of fear. 

So ask yourself, “What would you change from the past?” 

If you answer is “Nothing” then you have “nothing” to fear?

If you look to the future to change, would you change your approach?

Would you listen to hear?

Would you choose to listen to your “Spirit” who is so near? 

If you can answer “Yes,”  Your path is clear.


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Your Purpose

Every dream you may have, every hearts desire will bring you to a place within your soul. Just listen to the sound of your heart’s desire for it will lead you to your path.  A path for you to know but few will understand.  It is the journey which only you can live.  It is your purpose for this life.  Live your passion, fulfill your life and stay on the path to your purpose.

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