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If I Could…

If I Could

If I could I would wipe your tears and clear your path with a single breath

If I could I would clear your mind and free you from the thoughts which haunt you

If I could I would turn back time to moments you were free.

When life was simple and laughter plentiful.

If I could I would replace sorrow with joy, doubt with hope.

Yes, if I could I would restore your faith in people.

If I could I would teach you patience as you strive to make dreams reality.

If I could I would listen to your story and help you understand why changes came and people left.

If could I would hold your hand and lead you to a golden path surrounding you with protection.

If I could I would hold you tightly till the fear left your soul and your peace was restored.

If I could I would heal your ailments and replace your pain with youthful radiance.

If I could I would help you see that life never ends.

I would bridge the connection to loved ones lost for the soul never dies.

If I could I would give you love as only God can Love.

I could, if you would ask me.

~ SarahSpiritual ~
Copyright 2012


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Journey to the Soul

The Journey

Take my hand; I will show the way.

We will journey to the soul for a timeless existence.  Let’s find the peace which resides inside, unlock the love made dormant by the world.  Let’s clear all judgments and revive infinite acceptance.  Breathe the fragrant flowers of life and restore serenity of mind.  We will sever the chains of pain and charge your wounds with healing.  Turn back time to reverse misguided actions with kindness and joy.  Worries will cease their existence as everlasting faith fertilizes your soul.  Let’s journey the soul’s chambers of lives gone by.  Greet the souls we have loved and forgive the souls which were challenged.  We can guide each other to resolution.  Let’s journey to the soul for wisdom and compassion.  So take my hand and BE.  Now, together – we are all ONE.

Copyright 2012

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