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IF Tomorrow…

If tomorrow never came…

SunriseWill I be happy with my today? Today will I be grateful enough, kind enough and will I stop to say thank you? Will I have spoken my truth, and said I love you to those in my life? Will I reach out to offer encouragement and share my thoughts and feelings? Will I share with others my blessings and my gifts? Will I seize the opportunities for me to grow, learn, laugh and love and not wait for perfect timing? Will I be patient in my daily activities, and will I reserve my opinion till I walk in another shoes? Today will I apologize for imperfect actions and forgive those who have hurt me? Today will I be humble and not seek approval of the world? Today will I surrender my expectations for the “Will of God” and praise the glory of the Heavens? Will I live my life to the fullest?

If tomorrow never came, will I be happy with my today?


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