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Charming Fairytale


I sit and wait among my dreams,

I pick through the ashes of the past,

Awaiting my prince to see my heart.

Lonely cruel whispers are what I hear,

My thoughts torment the choices made,

My heart embraces the pain and elation.

So, my Spirit, I come to you,

A wish embedded in heart and soul.

Who shall come to hear my cries?

Who shall come to join my heart?

Who will emerge from life’s long  journey?

My soul shouts impatiently –

The other half, the whole of me.

I can sit and wait or search the world,

My choice I need not fear,

Love’s soft whisper shall draw near.

Shall we dance in the wind or

Glide over the waters –

Aware of  the oneness,

Our precious jewel?

For my Prince, you shall come.

I your lass, your Princess I will be.

You are whole of me,

The wish held dear.

My Prince I await…      come join me here.


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Love, Where Do You Reside

Love, where do you reside?

Do you circle on a dove’s  wings?

Love, how may I capture you?

Shall I chase you or will you come,

Or will you just direct me to someone?

 I yearn to have my heart complete,

To love, and be loved, a tireless feat –

This is the ultimate treasure I seek.

My map is tattered and torn,

Emotion’s winds have my heart torn,

The signs of love are faded and worn.

 Is it I who can not see?

Or you, Love, which eludes me?

Why does this quest fuel my soul?

My eyes have teared beyond control.

May I feel the one heart of my mate?

I implore you Love, do not let me wait.

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