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I imagine a place where love abounds, where words are kind and actions peaceful. I imagine a place where all are free to be individuals as a part of a Divine plan. I envision a world filled with abundance and creation. I imagine nature flourishing, our animals of our planet and its environment to be free to continue as a valuable part of the life upon this earth. I see the waters of this planet clear and pure as they purify our existence. I see the sky which graces its Horizon filled with the brightness of the sun and stars which illuminate our beauty. In this world I imagine “World Leaders” removing the boundaries that divide us. A world where each person is accepted for their Religion and respected as another HUMAN BEING created by the Most High God! I pray for a world where our children are nurtured and praised for their uniqueness rather than forced to conform to societal expectations. I see anger and pain being replaced by forgiveness. My vision of hope sees illness and disease replaced by perfect health. My heart sees the choice made by each of us being governed by our love for each other rather than our own personal gain. In this vision there is NO POVERTY, no lack, only the flow of this world providing all we need. I see each of us with the ability to contribute our individual gifts and uniqueness to restore and perfect our World as it was intended at the time creation.

I envision YOU and your families whole and committed to the love of each other. I believe Love has the power to change all we fear and to remove all worry. I believe that FAITH in God is a seed in our Soul that must be tended and grown. I see YOU; I see ALL of US restored to our original Grace and ability to Love, free from past hurts and experiences. I imagine, I envision, the plan, the Original Plan, where LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT, KINDNESS and FREEDOM are all this WORLD requires to flourish.

I believe if I hold this vision in my heart and soul, change will commence. I imagine my vision can BE “YOUR VISION” and WE can live this vision. Will you ENVISION with me?

~ SarahSpiritual ~


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The Gift

Dove Release

There is no price nor sale for this gift.  There is no box nor bag where it shall hide.  There is no wrapping, or opening, nor big surprise.

I came to give you peace and joy.  A wall of strength which will protect.  It is a gift beyond your dreams, where hope abounds and fear is gone.  This special gift has just one catch, a small hook you must unlatch.  It is the faith I can not give.  The faith of love can override the pain or fear which try to hide.  I gift this gift not on this Holiday.  It is a gift of long ago, of yet another day.  The gift was given not by kings, or man, nor a joyous song which sings.  The gift was placed in man’s own heart.  A gift inside of you right from the start.  You are me and I am you.

What you desire, your gift will do.  Close your eyes and accept it’s true, for a piece of me is in you.  There is no task too great, nor burden too large for your heart to have and hold.  To activate this gift, believe and be bold. Do as I request and the gift will do all the rest.

Embrace your life, and celebrate your birth and disregard the strife.  Choose with your heart the path for life.  Live in faith, walk in light and smile.  You see, the gift I gave, is the gift of life and you’ve had it all the while.


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If I Could…

If I Could

If I could I would wipe your tears and clear your path with a single breath

If I could I would clear your mind and free you from the thoughts which haunt you

If I could I would turn back time to moments you were free.

When life was simple and laughter plentiful.

If I could I would replace sorrow with joy, doubt with hope.

Yes, if I could I would restore your faith in people.

If I could I would teach you patience as you strive to make dreams reality.

If I could I would listen to your story and help you understand why changes came and people left.

If could I would hold your hand and lead you to a golden path surrounding you with protection.

If I could I would hold you tightly till the fear left your soul and your peace was restored.

If I could I would heal your ailments and replace your pain with youthful radiance.

If I could I would help you see that life never ends.

I would bridge the connection to loved ones lost for the soul never dies.

If I could I would give you love as only God can Love.

I could, if you would ask me.

~ SarahSpiritual ~
Copyright 2012

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Journey to the Soul

The Journey

Take my hand; I will show the way.

We will journey to the soul for a timeless existence.  Let’s find the peace which resides inside, unlock the love made dormant by the world.  Let’s clear all judgments and revive infinite acceptance.  Breathe the fragrant flowers of life and restore serenity of mind.  We will sever the chains of pain and charge your wounds with healing.  Turn back time to reverse misguided actions with kindness and joy.  Worries will cease their existence as everlasting faith fertilizes your soul.  Let’s journey the soul’s chambers of lives gone by.  Greet the souls we have loved and forgive the souls which were challenged.  We can guide each other to resolution.  Let’s journey to the soul for wisdom and compassion.  So take my hand and BE.  Now, together – we are all ONE.

Copyright 2012

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Living a Life of Grace

Divine Grace

A life of grace opens you to the wonders around you.  Grace comes through the gratitude you embrace in life blessings.  Grace is always present.  Grace never fails you or falters.  It is present in moments you feel alone.  Grace is present during your most trying times.  It is up to you to acknowledge it is always there. 

Once you open your heart to grace you can sense it everywhere. 

Grace is found in silence between breaths.

Grace gently works behind the scenes.  Grace does not look for applause or accolades, it does not waver.

Grace is the power behind the miracle.  The more you expect it the more you notice its presence.

Kind words and acts of service offer grace.  Grace is found in the compliment paid to the individual who was feeling down.  It is the smile of encouragement from a mentor, or a situation resolved in a fashion deemed impossible. 

Grace is what links our hearts together.  Grace is gratitude in motion.

Be grateful and embrace grace for your miracles await you.

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Charming Fairytale


I sit and wait among my dreams,

I pick through the ashes of the past,

Awaiting my prince to see my heart.

Lonely cruel whispers are what I hear,

My thoughts torment the choices made,

My heart embraces the pain and elation.

So, my Spirit, I come to you,

A wish embedded in heart and soul.

Who shall come to hear my cries?

Who shall come to join my heart?

Who will emerge from life’s long  journey?

My soul shouts impatiently –

The other half, the whole of me.

I can sit and wait or search the world,

My choice I need not fear,

Love’s soft whisper shall draw near.

Shall we dance in the wind or

Glide over the waters –

Aware of  the oneness,

Our precious jewel?

For my Prince, you shall come.

I your lass, your Princess I will be.

You are whole of me,

The wish held dear.

My Prince I await…      come join me here.

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Love, Where Do You Reside

Love, where do you reside?

Do you circle on a dove’s  wings?

Love, how may I capture you?

Shall I chase you or will you come,

Or will you just direct me to someone?

 I yearn to have my heart complete,

To love, and be loved, a tireless feat –

This is the ultimate treasure I seek.

My map is tattered and torn,

Emotion’s winds have my heart torn,

The signs of love are faded and worn.

 Is it I who can not see?

Or you, Love, which eludes me?

Why does this quest fuel my soul?

My eyes have teared beyond control.

May I feel the one heart of my mate?

I implore you Love, do not let me wait.

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If you could choose to change….

If you could chage yourself, who would you be.?

If you could change your thoughts, what would they be? 

If you could change your job what would it be?

If you could change your heart how would it be? 

If you could change the world how would it be? 

If you were to know all the answers would you want to know?

Would you change your plans, your beliefs or would you keep them the same?

You search for answer of the questions you pose, yet when the answer is told, you snub your nose. 

Is it not the right response or the one you hope not to hear?

Did the answer shatter a dream or confirm the hidden fear? 

Do you choose to live based on the surface of the world we share?

Do you choose to hear a spirit so near?

Your answers are simple if you allow.  You must open your heart and tune in your ear. 

There is no choice to change nor path to clear. 

You have the world before you, void of fear. 

So ask yourself, “What would you change from the past?” 

If you answer is “Nothing” then you have “nothing” to fear?

If you look to the future to change, would you change your approach?

Would you listen to hear?

Would you choose to listen to your “Spirit” who is so near? 

If you can answer “Yes,”  Your path is clear.

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Your Purpose

Every dream you may have, every hearts desire will bring you to a place within your soul. Just listen to the sound of your heart’s desire for it will lead you to your path.  A path for you to know but few will understand.  It is the journey which only you can live.  It is your purpose for this life.  Live your passion, fulfill your life and stay on the path to your purpose.

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