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I imagine a place where love abounds, where words are kind and actions peaceful. I imagine a place where all are free to be individuals as a part of a Divine plan. I envision a world filled with abundance and creation. I imagine nature flourishing, our animals of our planet and its environment to be free to continue as a valuable part of the life upon this earth. I see the waters of this planet clear and pure as they purify our existence. I see the sky which graces its Horizon filled with the brightness of the sun and stars which illuminate our beauty. In this world I imagine “World Leaders” removing the boundaries that divide us. A world where each person is accepted for their Religion and respected as another HUMAN BEING created by the Most High God! I pray for a world where our children are nurtured and praised for their uniqueness rather than forced to conform to societal expectations. I see anger and pain being replaced by forgiveness. My vision of hope sees illness and disease replaced by perfect health. My heart sees the choice made by each of us being governed by our love for each other rather than our own personal gain. In this vision there is NO POVERTY, no lack, only the flow of this world providing all we need. I see each of us with the ability to contribute our individual gifts and uniqueness to restore and perfect our World as it was intended at the time creation.

I envision YOU and your families whole and committed to the love of each other. I believe Love has the power to change all we fear and to remove all worry. I believe that FAITH in God is a seed in our Soul that must be tended and grown. I see YOU; I see ALL of US restored to our original Grace and ability to Love, free from past hurts and experiences. I imagine, I envision, the plan, the Original Plan, where LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT, KINDNESS and FREEDOM are all this WORLD requires to flourish.

I believe if I hold this vision in my heart and soul, change will commence. I imagine my vision can BE “YOUR VISION” and WE can live this vision. Will you ENVISION with me?

~ SarahSpiritual ~


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There is no price nor sale for this gift.  There is no box nor bag where it shall hide.  There is no wrapping, or opening, nor big surprise.

I came to give you peace and joy.  A wall of strength which will protect.  It is a gift  beyond your dreams, where hope abounds and fear is gone.  This special gift has just one catch, a small hook you must unlatch.  It is the faith I can not give.  The faith of love can override the pain or fear which try to hide.  I give this gift not on this Holiday.  It is a gift of long ago, of yet another day.  The gift was given not by kings, or man, nor a joyous song which sings.  The gift was placed in man’s own heart.  A gift inside of you right from the start.  You are me and I am you. 

What you desire, your gift will do.  Close your eyes and accept it’s true, for a piece of me is in you.  There is no task too great, nor burden too large for your heart to have and hold.  To activate this gift, believe and be bold. Do as I request and the gift will do all the rest.

Embrace your life, and celebrate your birth and disregard the strife.  Choose with your heart the path for life.  Live in faith, walk in light and smile.  You see, the gift I gave is the gift of life, and you’ve had it all the while.

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Faith without heart

So many of us speak the words of faith, yet do we believe our words are possible?  Are we speaking the words of faith without conviction.  Is our fear draining our faith?  I have asked these questions of myself on many occasions.  Why do negative thoughts cross my mind or our minds?  How can I prevent these thoughts from consuming me and in essence paralyzing me? As I spend time with you, my clients, my friends, I find myself reassuring you during a spiritual reading “you will be fine.” Often I say, “You shall see something amazing can happen somehow, if you believe.  The words I speak, I speak from my heart . My heart has come to believe anything is possible and  your situation or problem will be resolved. With life feeling out of control for many of us on this planet,  I find myself reassuring people everyday and I reflect on my journey to FAITH.  How did I arrive to a knowing, a believe in the outwardly impossible, becoming possible?  I return to the times when I, like you, had wavering faith. I remember the days I spent with my spiritual  mentor Bill.  Bill, at first glance was an ordinary man, well versed in many topics and seemed amazingly calm.  I would run to him asking questions very similar to those I am asked by my own clients. These questions often began with phrases such as:” what am I going to do, what if  it doesn’t work or how will I make that happen?”  His response was often a simple smile and a softly spoken phrase of “you will see, it is done!!! “Done what does he mean DONE? Yes, doubt is an enemy of faith. Yet, as sure I write this blog, is was done. The power of the words spoken suggesting a positive outcome, the faith he had in the prayer or spiritual  connection he had created on my behalf, to help me, to teach me, was faith in motion.  It was God, Spirit, Angels all joining forces to resolve my conflict or dilemma.

 Bill’s presence, yes, he did have a presence, made you stop, his words, made you listen, and his actions were of peace and grace.  He had elevated his spirituality in such a fashion it was unshakable.  It became contagious and I, a human spirit looking for hope and direction on my path, became convinced  faith provides the opening for seemingly miraculous happenings.

When you doubt, call to faith.

When you have anger call to peace.

When you have indifference, call to love.

When you fear, call to courage.

When you have unfulfilled needs, ASK IN FAITH.

Faith can change your current circumstances thus creating Miraculous Events. Open a door for faith and your life, even this world, can change.



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