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I imagine a place where love abounds, where words are kind and actions peaceful. I imagine a place where all are free to be individuals as a part of a Divine plan. I envision a world filled with abundance and creation. I imagine nature flourishing, our animals of our planet and its environment to be free to continue as a valuable part of the life upon this earth. I see the waters of this planet clear and pure as they purify our existence. I see the sky which graces its Horizon filled with the brightness of the sun and stars which illuminate our beauty. In this world I imagine “World Leaders” removing the boundaries that divide us. A world where each person is accepted for their Religion and respected as another HUMAN BEING created by the Most High God! I pray for a world where our children are nurtured and praised for their uniqueness rather than forced to conform to societal expectations. I see anger and pain being replaced by forgiveness. My vision of hope sees illness and disease replaced by perfect health. My heart sees the choice made by each of us being governed by our love for each other rather than our own personal gain. In this vision there is NO POVERTY, no lack, only the flow of this world providing all we need. I see each of us with the ability to contribute our individual gifts and uniqueness to restore and perfect our World as it was intended at the time creation.

I envision YOU and your families whole and committed to the love of each other. I believe Love has the power to change all we fear and to remove all worry. I believe that FAITH in God is a seed in our Soul that must be tended and grown. I see YOU; I see ALL of US restored to our original Grace and ability to Love, free from past hurts and experiences. I imagine, I envision, the plan, the Original Plan, where LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT, KINDNESS and FREEDOM are all this WORLD requires to flourish.

I believe if I hold this vision in my heart and soul, change will commence. I imagine my vision can BE “YOUR VISION” and WE can live this vision. Will you ENVISION with me?

~ SarahSpiritual ~


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WorldPeaceMandalaHow do we still our mind? How do we fill our minds with positive thoughts and create peace of mind and heart?

Peace of Mind  is  precious and so difficult to  obtain and maintain

Peace of Spirit a rare gem when attained priceless to the owner

Peace on Earth as it should be, yet mankind continues to struggle and fight.

Everyday we are bombarded by troubles, financial issues, health concerns, media drama and it is enough to make us scream.  It is said by those who have ascended, the ascended masters, we must meditate. How can we do a meditation with our minds exploding with negative thoughts?  WE MUST find peace of mind or we will lose our connection with the divine.

Find the time, if only for five minutes to clear your mind and breathe.  Listen to your breath and allow time to clear your mind.

Tonight on Spiritually Speaking WBZT 1230 AM  join me as we discuss tips for clearing your mind and gaining more peace. I send you peace and blessings,


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