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The Gift

Dove Release

There is no price nor sale for this gift.  There is no box nor bag where it shall hide.  There is no wrapping, or opening, nor big surprise.

I came to give you peace and joy.  A wall of strength which will protect.  It is a gift beyond your dreams, where hope abounds and fear is gone.  This special gift has just one catch, a small hook you must unlatch.  It is the faith I can not give.  The faith of love can override the pain or fear which try to hide.  I gift this gift not on this Holiday.  It is a gift of long ago, of yet another day.  The gift was given not by kings, or man, nor a joyous song which sings.  The gift was placed in man’s own heart.  A gift inside of you right from the start.  You are me and I am you.

What you desire, your gift will do.  Close your eyes and accept it’s true, for a piece of me is in you.  There is no task too great, nor burden too large for your heart to have and hold.  To activate this gift, believe and be bold. Do as I request and the gift will do all the rest.

Embrace your life, and celebrate your birth and disregard the strife.  Choose with your heart the path for life.  Live in faith, walk in light and smile.  You see, the gift I gave, is the gift of life and you’ve had it all the while.



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Spirit’s Love Message – Spiritually Speaking 2-10-10

It is Love that sustains you.
It is Love which hears you.
It is Love’s arms that warm you.
It is Love that thrills you.
You look to the field and you feel Love’s freedom.
There is Love as you look to the ocean,
It speaks of endless moments of Love’s embrace in the sands of time.
You look to the mirror’s refection to see you, your soul gazing back at you, accepting all.
For Love knows no space and time. It knows no judgement.  It holds no heart it can not have.  
It feels the pain of loss and the joy of Love’s sweet surrender.
You can not mold it, nor shape it or capture it, for it must be free. 
It must be as is, pure in beauty and light.
True Love is one of the soul, the connection.  It gazes beyond exterior beauty, education, race or creed. 
It is the meshing of souls longing for God’s promised connection,
A flame to burn beyond eternity.
For Love is all around.  It is you.  It is I.  It is God.

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Whether you see numbers occasionally or frequently it is designed to get your attention. To bring you into a new awareness of self and your own vibrational energy. The pillars 11 11 of the ascension call your soul, beckoning you to enter.  It brings balance to the journey, to embrace transformation and attain the oneness of the spirit.  How long has this gateway been calling your soul as you wander obviously lost in your own egos’ fears, pride and need to govern your thoughts. It is time for transformation, you are being called to a higher energy to raise your vibrational frequency and live in the space between the mind and ego. The space where the stillness and purity of the conscious exists.

Time to change your thoughts to heart and be in the moment. You need to accept what you cannot change or control, release the past and surrender your expectations to your greater good life plan. If you are continuously seeing numbers repeat, especially 11 11, you are being called.  You are being aligned with others who have been called to partake in the spiritual awakening unfolding in the years to come.  You have a mission beyond your job title or possessions. This a mission to help along the path of ascension and transformation. 

Arise to your calling and be one with the greater conciousness of light.

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“Heard live on the Spiritually Speaking with Sarah radio broadcast”

So take a breath… and just release… and as you release know that everything that hurts can come out with a single breath.


I forgive myself for all of my flaws and insecurities.

I forgive myself for any thoughts that are not of the Divine.

I release to the Heavens the hurt of those who have offended me.

I no longer hear hurtful words of the past,

And they have no place in my future.

I ask for the strength to forget the actions and the words of those against me.

I send love to my enemies and I pray for peace in my heart and in their heart.

I ask for the strength to forgive all the wrongs that I feel have surrounded me.

I unleash my tears and pain and I know my soul will heal.

I readily embrace the blessings to come from the pain that I have endured,

And I ask the Divine to shine light on me and heal me.

I ask forgiveness for myself and those around me.

I ask forgiveness for any sins of my family.

And I ask for the blessings to come.

I release this into the Heavens,

And I know that once I have released, forgiveness has begun

And the pain shall be done.

That’s the forgiveness prayer that Spirit put together for all of you, and I hope it will be of some  help to you.

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The Journey to YOU

The journey to one’s self can be seemingly simple, yet for many it is a life altering experience. Since birth we are bombarded with information, words, and beliefs of our families or loved ones. We are almost programmed to imitate all we see and hear. During growth we develop ideas and images that often squash of our core self beliefs by seemingly well elders. It is often at this juncture many natural or personal thoughts and feelings become squashed. Yet, the journey to our true self continues. Our spirit once fresh and young with hopeful unabashed joy flickers within no longer fueling our driving self force. As the child become a young adult memories of past lives often come in forms of dreams or fleeting moment of familiarity so many of us refer to as Deja vu . Some realize early on in life there is more, yet others continue the feeling of not belonging, we are living our life on others terms and conditions, not knowing how to feel complete. A sense of purpose, peace, fulfillment or intimacy is like chasing a butterfly on a summer’s day. To find one’s self is indeed a journey and the busier we are in our lives the less time we have to breathe, feel and see the clues left along our road of life. We hit road blocks and we are left perplexed as to how our lives became out of control, far from our once young innocent dreams. It often requires a series of setbacks or even life altering tragedies which force us to stop and reevaluate where and more importantly who we are. As the flood gates open and emotions pour through our life force which sustains us, we struggle to push down our emotional energy, our inner spiritual core as we were trained early in life. We change what is tangible, our jobs, our spouses, our outward appearance. We trick ourselves with money, trinkets, clothing, fancy homes or cars all in the hope of creating a “ life is wonderful appearance.” Then one day, when you least expect, the inner voice screams erupting like a thousand year volcano begging to be heard, requesting permission to expose the you, the true you intended for this earth. It is those who listen to the pure messages of spirit and accept spiritual guidance that will begin to dissipate the madness and clear the negative fog before them. And that is when your journey, which began so long ago can blossom and fill you with spirit. To be filled with your spirit void of any preconceived labels or societal restrictions is to be one with your higher power.

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