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Lonley Road

I wanted to save your soul to lead you out of the darkness.  I hoped you would see the jewel I saw in you – what you could not see.   I saw your finished product. I breathed the breath of hope into your weary soul.   You were battered from life and from your own indiscretions.   I saw beyond all the pain, all the games and all the worldly journey.   The spirit within you longed to grow and change.  I walked the path with you.  Our fingers touched as we journeyed and I measured the steps so your feet were firmly pressed on the ground.  Your eyes were guided only straight ahead, focused on the light ahead.  Only the soul truly knows the journey it must take.  Assistance is simply intertwined to simplify, not guarantee success on the path.  For no one man or woman can determine and orchestrate the outcome.  Not you or I, nor Spirit can do the work.  It is you, your journey, your soul, your lessons.  Perhaps my lesson was to let your soul find its way without the ease I created.  It was the core of you, regardless of  how it was hidden and buried, you had to battle.  All the hope of the future, and joy of the veil lifting did not provide the fortitude to withstand the darkness in the journey.  It was the shadow of the ego, self-doubt and focus which allowed the heart to slip, then fall.  Your soul was not free of the issues which had tainted you before and you returned to the “you” you were, the individual you had always been.  No one person could erase, no love potent enough could destroy the ego, the you.  The lesson, the test, whether passed or failed, was the path of our souls together on the road of life.

Silly, how the belief in what could be created, an illusion that I could ease your soul through its journey.   How unfortunate love could not dust off the lies and tuck them away, dry the tears of your mistakes, or repair your tainted thoughts of the world.  You see, your eyes see you as you look in the mirror.  My eyes saw you as a future masterpiece; my heart, it felt you like a an old lost love or friend embracing the connection of the souls, blind to the lesson of life.  The change, alas, was only temporary.  You embraced the hope and you were shielded by the vision I saw.  The joy of love only became overwhelmed by the essences of your soul’s blueprint of you. Your habits of old reconnected you to the patterns of ego and reverted your soul to journey alone and walk among the shadows of your past.


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  1. What a powerful post. I agree that the ego can get in the way sooo often and drag us back into the past. Thanks for another thought provoking piece!

    Comment by Luke | April 25, 2010 | Reply

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